Let’s Learn Test Design Together

Test design is essential in software testing. You cannot validate, execute and automate tests if they are not designed. Poor test design often lead to faulty software. Unfortunately, nowadays, test design is poorly discussed and researched, the principles, methods and techniques are not well-defined or vague. The test coverage is often mixed with test selection and test adequacy criteria. Moreover, the same old issues can be found in several books, blogs and articles. Hence, learning test design is difficult as examples are simple and have been developed just to demonstrate a given technique. In order to support the testing community we establish the Test Design Manifesto, we wrote a book on Practical Test Design and we offer the visitors of this site to learn and practice functional test design. The book contains (among others) new test design techniques and realistic (complex) examples for understanding test design.

Test design manifesto

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Book on Test Design
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Practical Exercises
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