Do you have software quality problems?

Studies show 15% of the bugs remain in the code.
The #1 group of reasons behind that is:
(1) inappropriate risk analysis,
(2) the lack of defect prevention and
(3) poor test design.
Most testers believe that finding tricky combinatorial or similar bugs is too expensive. But it’s not true.

So, if you want to improve quality without increasing the software development life cycle costs, then Practical Test Design workshop is what you’ve been looking for!

It gives you a proven, efficient and practical solution for your quality problems. This onsite course is based on our book Practical Test Design extended with exercises fit for onsite courses. We worked for almost two years on our book introducing new techniques, test selection criteria, etc. We transfer our 20+ years of special knowledge on how to find tricky bugs by applying linear test design techniques.

Our offered two-day course contains the necessary test design techniques and their prerequisites such as risk analysis. The training material is always available for attendees online after the course.

What’s In The Box – Training Breakdown

Section 1: Introduction – test design in the whole testing process

Section 2: Risk analysis – we show that SDLC costs can be optimized and we demonstrate how to reach it

Section 3: Defect prevention – the cheapest solution

Section 4: Equivalence partitioning and boundary value analysis – by applying our new method, you need fewer test cases than you have ever taught

Section 5: State transition testing – you can find tricky bugs efficiently by applying our new method and test selection criteria

Section 6: Combinative testing – our new test design technique is linear and yet reliable for combinatorial bugs

Section 7: Exploratory testing – it’s easy and fun

Section 8: Techniques used in combination – you will practice how to use more test design techniques in common when testing complex features or user stories

The workshop is organised as follows.

  1. The presenter demonstrates the topic using PowerPoint presentation with examples
  2. The whole team solves an exercise in common
  3. The attendees solve another exercise alone or in small groups
  4. The solutions are discussed and evaluated

These steps are applied for each key topic, i.e. for all discussed test design techniques. For some exercises, the attendees should test real applications. 

Test yourself – you will surely able to solve this exercise after the workshop

Your task is to design test cases according to boundary value analysis. We made several similar code alternatives, i.e. mutants, and your test cases have to differentiate the correct code from all of the mutants. It’s difficult, however by applying our new BVA method it becomes easy. Let’s check your knowledge!


Gergely Gyula Vainel
Test lead

During these two training days, I realized how I did my test designs throughout the years. I am not saying I did badly, but, the knowledge dr. Forgács shared with us, was like an opening door to the possibilities of a new generation of test approaches and designs. Besides the “academic” knowledge the practices were very useful takeaways, which should be used in every test life cycle.
I have been working in 30+ projects, had seen many companies, and still dare to say, the presenter’s knowledge is far away from any of us. So it’s more than a gift if you learn from him. I wish managers and company leaders would realize the importance of the quality he represents.

Tímea Kecskés
ASH Software House
Software tester

The education was very useful. It was interactive all the time and there were very good examples and exercises to get to know the testing techniques. I will definitely apply what I have heard here in my work.

Choose Your Package!

Two-day online course in Europe

EUR 800 per attendees, 4-5 participants

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Common exercises
  • Personal exercises
  • Online lifetime access to the course material
  • We successfully tested to four participants 

20% price reduction for early birds applying for a course before 2020 June

5% additional price reduction for double courses

Two-day onsite course in Europe when Covid-19 makes it possible

EUR 800 per attendees, min 5 participants

Max 10 attendees for courses

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Common exercises
  • Personal exercises
  • Online lifetime access to the course material 

20% price reduction for early birds applying for a course before 2020 June

5% additional price reduction for double order

Feel free to contact us. We have to discuss the place of the workshop and the scheduling. The presenters are the authors of the book Practical Test Design and the e-book Software Test Design: Most Applications Contain Disturbing Bugs – But It Is Not Necessary.